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Site #3 – Gateway


brushed aluminum, 8 ft. 2 in. h. x 16 ft. w. Artist: Linda Howard, American, b. 1934, Evanston. IL, American living in Bradenton, FL

Raised on nearby Anna Maria Island, Linda Howard finds inspiration for her work in sea shells and natural forms found in the Florida environment. Her work exists in contradiction – what is new or modern versus what is old and transcendence from one space to another. The critic Donald Kuspit comments on Howard’s work: “Looking modern, by reason of its industrial materials, and looking as though a mathematical game was its basis, yet having a peculiar aura of transcendence… Howard has succeeded, in modern terms, in realizing the old task of religious architecture: to create a clear order that emanates and spreads joy.” In Linda Howard’s words “…archways are gateways to transitional spaces, moving one, step-by-step, from a personalized human scale to a larger space, and then on conceptually to the expanded universe beyond.”

Howard’s public work can be seen throughout the Tampa Bay and Sarasota areas.