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May 2009

Best of 2009

We admit it—we’re crazy about Sarasota, Florida, from the blue-green Gulf and wild rivers to the bustling downtown and world-class cultural and restaurant scene. We are, after all, a magazine whose motto is “Living in Paradise”—and that’s not an exaggeration, it’s a simple statement of fact. And at the risk of seeming ridiculously optimistic during […]

February 2009

10 Best Beauty Trends

Laser skin resurfacing is a powerful technique that softens wrinkles, improves skin tone, eliminates age spots and repairs sun-damaged skin. Fraxel laser treatments are in high demand because of their minimal discomfort and downtime. Sandra Day, co-founder of NeoDerm Aesthetics, says she’s seeing “terrific results with Fraxel in reducing lip lines. The improvements are remarkable […]

January 2009

10 Best

Shaken, Blended and Stirred 1 First & Pineapple was named after the traffic intersection where it was created—the Bijou Café. It’s a blend of Chambord (black raspberry liqueur), lemon rum and pineapple juice gloriously united in a shaker filled with crushed ice. This fruity elixir glistens with promise in a martini glass, garnished with a […]

December 2008

10 Best

Citrus marmalade is one of Albritton Fruit Company’s superstar products. It’s in so much demand the company offers it in 2.5-pound containers for snowbirds who need a fix ofFlorida sunshine when they’re back inBuffalo. This sweet, tangy treat comes in three citrusy flavors: tangerine, Honey Bell and orange-pineapple-cherry. Slather it on your toast or marinate […]

November 2008

Best of The Season

Ready or not, here it comes—another Sarasota arts season barreling down the tracks, packed with all kinds of treats for lovers of theater, dance, music, art and more. But too much of a good thing can make you feel overwhelmed, so we’ve chosen some of the highlights of a packed calendar for you, to make […]

June 2008

Best of the Parade

Parades are fun, entertaining, even uplifting. That’s probably why the Home Builders Associations of Manatee and Sarasota counties’ annual Parade of Homes this spring was so well-attended. Despite mounting real estate woes sweeping the nation, buyers and browsers were undeterred. The lure of new communities, spectacular architecture, trendsetting interior design and ferreting out once-in-a-lifetime bargains […]

May 2008

The Best of 2008

Real estate is falling, the economy is stalling and those presidential candidates seem to have been duking it out for decades. But let the rest of the country complain about 2008: Here in Sarasota, we’re still busy counting our blessings, from year-round sunshine and technicolor sunsets to sumptuous Sunday brunches overlooking sparkling waters. That’s the […]

April 2008

Rise and Shine

1. Fresh fruit and the SheepHerder at the Broken Egg are the perfect pairing. The juicy fruit medley makes a refreshing contrast to a dish hearty enough for a high-energy shepherd fixing to spend the next 10 hours herding his flock and fighting off Wile E. Coyote. The base is a glorious mesa of hash […]

March 2008

10 Best

Who invented paella? Legend has it that hungry gods commanded a Spanish priest to prepare a rice dish. He did—the following Sunday. While paella is typically savored on Sundays in Spain, in Sarasota you can enjoy it any evening at The Table Restaurant. They prepare this aromatic “peasant’s platter” of saffron-infused rice Valencia-style, with a […]

January 2008

10 Best

Mozzarella di bufala, or mozzarella made from buffalo milk, has been around since the 12th century—and for good reason. This creamy, nutritious cheese is used to enliven many dishes, including insalata caprese and pizza. Now you can buy a fresh local version. Claudio Ronchi, the co-proprietor of Bologna Café, hails from three generations of cheese […]


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