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From the Editor: The Truth About Flipper

“Mom, please don’t write about my petting that baby manatee,” Kate said. “I don’t want to get arrested!” She’s all too aware of the hazards of having a mother who’s a writer, from rude rebuffs on deadline day (“Stop calling me! I’m trying to write!”) to a cold and calculating way of turning even my […]


From the Editor: 10 GOOD YEARS

When we walked out of The World’s Fastest Indian, George and I were sniffling. The true-life story of a 68-year-old New Zealand man with heart disease who set a world speed record on his souped-up 1920s Indian motorcycle had thrilled and touched us. He died soon afterwards, but he’d lived so fully and fearlessly that even […]


From the Editor: Pam Daniel’s Party Planning Tips

Unless you’re a far, far better person than I am—a definite possibility, I admit—you’ve probably also thought, in the frantic moments right before your guests arrive for a party, “Who are these dreadful people and why am I doing all this for them?” Fortunately, by the time everyone is sipping those first cocktails and chattering […]