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Help Wanted

Whatever happened to good, old-fashioned service?   By Judi Gallagher   If you’re a professional server  who may take offense—click off this blog immediately, please. In the past I have received fan mail from guests and angry mail from those in the industry when it comes to my lamenting about customer service. First, let me […]


Fave Rave

I would have lost weight—but then we decided to go to two of our favorite restaurants.   By Judi Gallagher     Well, for those Weight Watchers out there: This was one of those weeks that I prefer to blame on the stress of being a food taster (as well as the fact that I […]


Who Needs the Fountain of Youth?

I find the queen of pie making right here in Sarasota.   My life is based on simple truths, including this one: Where there is great pie, there is eternal happiness. Until now, the lifeline to this mantra existed in the kitchen of my friend, Martha Graham (a former employee from up North), as well […]


Weight Watchers, here I come!

Bring out the scale and hold the butter.        Well, I did it to myself, and I must say I did quite a job. A few months back I had my physical. Let’s just say when the nurse mutters, “Uh-oh!” you know it’s not pretty. Cheddar burgers with slabs of mayo and soft shell […]