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Faves I Crave

The year’s taste picks.   By Judi Gallagher   A tasteful year it has been. While not every morsel has been top notch, some food finds have been overwhelmingly scrumptious from first bite. I will not list my favorites in any special order, because I loved them all equally. It’s like when someone asks me […]


Holiday Interludes

Jolly delivers wonderful pastries and great moments with friends.   By Judi Gallagher A jolly good time with Heather Dunhill, Marjorie North and friends. Why is it that we all too often forget to make time for a soothing cappuccino and a pastry or three with friends? When I am in Italy, it seems that […]


Holiday Treats

Creative presents for the holidays.     By Judi Gallagher   Hold the fruit cakes—please!! With the holidays fast approaching and the economy pinching our pockets, being creative is actually much more fun than battling a parking space at a shopping mall or worrying if the gift card you bought your nephews will be invalid […]