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Prix Fixed

 A sampling of the price-set menu at Tommy Bahama. By Judi Gallagher   Soon to become the newest term in Webster’s dictionary, a prix fixe is a price-set menu for several courses (usually three). I often opt for a regular menu, however, mostly because I love ordering several appetizers and a salad. This usually costs […]


Random Food Thoughts

My summer must-have tasting list. By Judi Gallagher  Sometimes my mind just wanders to certain food tastes—salty, sweet, zesty, tart… OK, almost always my mind is on food and flavors. Come on, how else could I make a living considering I’m obsessed with presentation, freshness and the like? To me, French fries perfectly cooked with […]


Let the Eating Begin

Sarasota’s Taste of Asia offers a contest for big eaters. By Judi Gallagher I confess to catching glimpses of the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest every 4th of July at Coney Island. Part grotesque—watching people stuffing hot dogs with buns into their mouths, stomachs bloated, food dribbling down their chins—and part intriguing. Does someone wake […]