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New England in Sarasota

When owners Christopher and Susan first e-mailed me about their new, fresh New England seafood market on the South Trail (very south), I was intrigued. But really, plenty of people brag about New England steamers, haddock and cod and the ever-loving 1 ½ to two-pound lobsters. What was it going to take for me to […]


Secrets for Hate-to-Bakers

I have often confessed to having a true loathing of baking. Sure, I had a dessert company for over five years in the Boston area that made its name selling chocolate mousse brownies and oatmeal raisin cookies to Legal Seafood and DeLucca’s, but that was purely business. Baking was lucrative in a city that could […]


Quite a Catch

I could give you a little history of Owen—that is, Sarasotan Owen Burns, who loved to fish and work with money—but fellow writers will go into more detail on the cottage and Owen. I need to focus here on the food. Can I just say I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Always sure to be a good night […]


Classic Sicilian at Ortygia

You have to love a restaurant that has the tag line, “The flavor of Sicily—The flavor of Civilization.” It’s a statement of what coming to the table is all about—being civilized. Ortygia offers exactly what it promises, a place at their Sicilian table, or in this case a place at unique little eating bins in […]