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The Standing Rule

I confess to being a home cook with a whole lotta rules. I refuse to have cans or bottles on the dinner table. I want condiments either used in the kitchen beforehand or served in a ramekin, and for goodness’ sakes—the television on even in the next room while we are eating any meal of […]


Consistency, Please!

This morning I met some friends for breakfast, and ironically they asked me to choose the place. Since I had reviewed this little spot a few months ago and fell in love with their homemade hollandaise sauce, I thought I would introduce it to the others. UNFORTUNATELY, I had mentioned in my review that the […]


Memories and More

  Cork and Bottle Shop on St. Armands Circle have decided to close, following the path of Longevity (which I never did think had a long life from the start) and a few more rumored to be emptying their refrigerator shelves by the end of the month. I was sad to see the Bottle Shop […]