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A Pie to Die For

If I had to pick a food of the year—one dish, right this minute—without question it has to be the coconut custard pie with Jamaican rum sauce at Bonefish Grill. Seriously. We first tried it on Mother’s Day and have never turned back. I now go into Bonefish Grill planning my menu choices around having […]


Scoping out the Food Scene

    While walking around St. Armands Circle last week, I could not help but notice the sign in the former Cork and Bottle Shop space announcing a new Japanese steakhouse and sushi bar. I hope that this place will hit the mark, as I have always liked the corner location, just found the build-out […]


The Gift of Food

  Food gifting came early this year, and I am one lucky recipient. It’s been a standard back-and-forth joke with Pam Daniel, VP and editorial director of Sarasota Magazine, that “some day” I would receive a jar of the coveted mango chutney that she so caringly prepares.   For years Pam has told me how […]


The Sporting News

Who ever would have thought that the best place for lobster creme brulee is a sports bar—well, sports grill, that is. I used to think that sports-themed places always meant blaring television sets and at best mediocre food. Not true at many cool spots, as the trend continues to bring higher quality food, comfortable seating […]