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Celebrating the Foods of the World

I love the traditions of many different cultures. When I lived north of Boston, the city was charmed with both Italian fiestas and Portuguese celebrations. And of course, each was filled with the tastes of the country’s homeland. Festive celebrations at the Simbang Gabi and Noche Buena Filipino Mass and feast. This year I was […]


New Eats and a New Table

The poetic, gooey goodness of Eat Here’s French onion soup. By now, almost everyone in Sarasota and Manatee County has tried Eat Here, this food writer and Sean Murphy buddy included. Eat Here has by far the city’s best fish taco, though I am hearing the beef taco upstairs is a killer. I am totally […]


Tradition, Tradition!

A toast to celebrating with fewer calories and more cheer to share. In taking a scene from Fiddler on the Roof, I often feel I can not break from the traditional foods of the holiday season. My husband, however, believes changing tradition shows the sign of a secure person. So, acting a bit secure this […]


Cyber Monday Foodie

So, I think people are nuts—as nuts as a big bowl of whole walnuts waiting to be cracked. Give up the enjoyment of a hot turkey dinner, pumpkin pie and a good bottle of Pinot Noir for pepper spray on Black Friday?! Seriously—there has to be a better way to get the family back to […]


Stuffing (and Stuffed!)

Portland’s Voodoo Doughnuts (check out those colors!). As promised, I will focus this week on stuffing—as in stuffing my face! As I type, I am preparing for another venture in eating everything street food and bakery shelved. I am in Portland, Oregon–home of rain and amazing, fresh, sustainable food. Occupy Portland protesters One of the […]


The Thanksgiving Rush

The Thanksgiving Rush is on: We are hosting 32 people this year. Pray for 78 degrees and no rain or we will be as screwed as the turkeys were just before they were no longer “free range." I panic most over the main meal; not so much over cocktail hour and appetizers. I lose sleep […]


That’s Amore

Where once stood a local gas station on the corner of Gulf Gate Drive and Gateway now stands Il Panificio, Sarasota’s award-winning Italian bakery, pizza and deli stop. When I am on Main Street I stop in for a slice (or two) at the original Il Panificio and a visit with Pops. When I am […]


Setting The Table Again

The new Table’s location next to Philippi Creek Oyster Bar. Here’s a scoop for fans of the original Table on Hillview. The restaurant is re-opening next to Philippi Creek Oyster Bar on Tamiami Trail–and gone will be the lounge that almost overtook the basics of what made The Table a dining destination. Back are the […]


Main Street is Hopping!

Between the protesters and the new "Opening Soon" signs, downtown Sarasota’s Main Street is getting a whole new buzz. While the parking meters may still be controversial (and, quite frankly, often unworkable), there are cool options popping up everywhere, especially over by Hollywood 20. Already an award-winning restaurant, Brasserie Belge now offers a piano lounge […]


The Waiting Game

When a new restaurant opens, although tempted to run right in, I try to give it a month or so to get situated. Things take a little time and goodness knows service in the beginning can be challenging. So, even though I was keen on trying a hot new local dining spot, having heard there were […]