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Patrick’s Big Move

Yoder’s cream pie: A classic among classics. Certain things in life need to stay the same: Your mother’s applesauce cake waiting on the table during the holidays; freezing Snickers bars from the Halloween stash; cheeseburgers at Shady Glenn in Manchester, Conn.; a poppyseed bagel from H&H in New York City’s West Side; butterscotch cream pie […]


Theory of (Food) Relativity

Is food relative to all things in life? We call this look the "French croissant." In a foodie’s world, it’s all interrelated. I came to this philosophical “ah-ha” moment when I was under the mask recently—the seaweed mask, that is. First, I asked about the various facials—seaweed and chocolate being two options. Then I went […]


Cassariano: That’s Amore in Venice

Delicious alfresco dining in Venice? We’ll take it? Sometimes we Sarasotans don’t venture past our own city limits…a true culinary mistake. You will miss exceptional Italian fare if you don’t drive a few extra miles, and trust me, it is worth it. Perfect case and point: Cassariano on West Venice Avenue in Venice. Tables are […]