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New Eating Options and Fun Finds

In my never-ending tour to find the ultimate apple pie (still lives in Sonoma, Calif.), the best thin-crust pizza (still leaves in East Boston) and the best dim sum (Toronto, Canada), I have certainly conquered many a favorite in our own hometown of Sarasota–everywhere from restaurants to grocery shelves to chef tastings. Recent adventures go […]


Falling in Love with Roy’s All Over Again

Retiring executive chef Gordon Hopkins and Justin Fields at what I call an officially delicious send-off. By now, most of you know I love Asian food. Dumplings, spare ribs, ahi tuna and poke make me shiver with joy. I am known to go on vacation destinations like Vancouver and Toronto and eat nothing but Asian […]


The Next Generation of Food Critics

The test kitchen at Girls Inc. People often ask me what the favorite part of my jobs is. After all, I do have a few hats that I wear, so to speak. I am a hospitality consultant, food critic, culinary travel editor, culinary director for television and a chef. Every day is different and I […]


Let’s Eat!

Tracy Freeman gets into Let’s Eat’s Tuscan chicken cakes. Let’s Eat! Seriously, Let’s Eat without any fuss, shopping or mess. Let’s Eat good, wholesome food that tastes restaurant quality for a quarter of the price. Let’s Eat Tuscan chicken cakes with fresh salsa and seafood cannelloni with creamy vodka sauce in the comfort of our […]