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Chef Judi’s Best Bites of 2012

A year of eating in the eyes of the beholder–here’s a montage of what I ate and savored in 2012. (Full disclosure: I’m a restaurant and hospitality-industry consultant and some of these picks do come from my clients; however, all opinions are my own.)  


The Holiday Brunch Bunch

Entertaining during the holidays does not have to be stressful. In fact, it can be downright relaxing and enjoyable, especially when you limit the number of guests, serve a brunch which acts as two meals, set the table outside to enjoy this glorious weather and let your guests contribute.


Yummy Is What Yummy Says

By Judi Gallagher I knew fellow restaurant blogger Jack Littman-Quinn and food writer Abby Weingarten would be the first to try Yummy House. What I didn’t expect was for each of them to tell me they had been there three times in the first week. So much for my theory of letting a restaurant get […]


Artisan Cheese Company and As Good As It Gets

By Judi Gallagher As good as it gets? Well, Sarasota is getting there, it seems. Specialty stores have had a tough time during the recession years. We saw a few wines stores flounder; a cheese store went by the wayside on Tamiami and some spice stores have struggled to keep higher-end seasonings afloat. Walk downtown, […]


New Restaurant Alert: Puccini’s and Inkanto

We used to say there was an Italian restaurant at almost every major intersection in Sarasota. Then along came Dunkin Donuts–and now there are a number of Peruvian restaurants. Many of us remember chef Darwin Santa Maria’s restaurant when it was on Swift and had about eight tables. We whispered how good it was to […]


Your Thanksgiving Eating Schedule

By Judi Gallagher By now you’ve probably decided whether you’re stuffing, roasting, frying or smoking your own bird or dining out on Thursday. Chances are, either way turkey overload and mass consumption gravy will hit its peak. My family had a tradition of going to Shady Glen in Manchester, Ct. (where I grew up) for […]


A Tour of Food and Wine at Epcot

I am not a true fan of theme parks with rides (or at least I wasn’t until I played Nana Judi to our dear granddaughter Sophie at the Magic Kingdom—more on that experience later). I have, however, always enjoyed the educational side of Epcot. Visiting the countries and exploring the future of agriculture has always […]


It’s That Time of Year

Our Thanksgiving begins with a cheese course.  Ah…November is here. The days are shorter, the nights are cooler and the turkey brining is beginning–well, at least on ABC’s Chef Judi’s Dish. By the time November 22 comes around, I will have already prepared 5 turkeys, four different types of stuffing and numerous carbohydrate-laced dishes…not to mention the […]


Bon Appetit!

Whether or not the book is correct that French women don’t get fat, quite honestly, every calorie I consumed while in Paris last week was worth it. Every sumptuous bite that was laden with duck fat, sweet French butter, pastry cream or just plain cream was worth every new, one-size-larger pair of jeans I might […]


Start Hoarding Bacon Now, Before It’s Too Late!

Imagine a world without bacon! Sure, this is an election year. Yes, we need to move forward with building better roads, better schools and securing our homeland. But seriously, folks, we are about to have major culinary trauma ahead. According to The Huffington Post and the National Pig Association, Great Britain is facing a bacon […]