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Hospitality 101

WWAS (What Would Andy Say)? Perhaps I miss Andy Rooney from 60 Minutes and his snickity way of saying what irked him. Perhaps I find that there’s an oxymoron in being in the hospitality business and not being hospitable. No matter what, I very seldom need to use my blog as a platform to vent. […]


Star Fish Company Market & Restaurant: A True Gem and a Great Grouper Sandwich

Star Fish Company Market & Restaurant Years ago, Sean Murphy of Beach Bistro and eat here fame introduced me to what Old Florida is really about: fishing. In the little enclave known as Cortez Village lives a gem with outdoor picnic tables and one heck of a good, fresh grouper sandwich. It’s called Star Fish […]


Comfort Food

Downtown Sarasota’s El Greco A reminder that some things are just plain comfort food: Although we all tend to believe that comfort food is meatloaf and mashed potatoes and country fried chicken with a slice of pie (and don’t get me wrong, I tuck into mac-‘n’-cheese quite often), as I was sitting outside at El […]