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The Wedding of the Decade and a Baby Shower

David and Yara Shoemaker’s wedding decor. My husband, Paul, and me. It was a near out of body experience this past Friday evening. Yara and David Shoemaker celebrated their marriage with an incredible party that made us all feel like royalty. Yara, certainly one of the best additions to the style and hostess scene in […]


Chef Judi’s Weekly Eating

Not every week is filled with rock concerts and a New York/ New Jersey pig out (but I sometimes wish it was—see last week’s post). Still, in our own backyard there are those weeks where you just smile and say, "Darn good meal!" This was one of them. So, in no particular order, I would […]


Confessions of a Rock and Roll Pig-Out.

Anticipation builds pre-concert. I often compare great food to a three-hour Bruce Springsteen concert. It always leaves you wanting more, even after hours of great music fulfill almost every desire. A great menu is like a great playlist from the concert—you anticipate the next song, the next pasta dish, the next life-changing experience–whether it is […]


A Week of Sheer Yumminess

Ribeye and shoestrong fries at Fleming’s. It started with a great grilled Reuben at Lucky Pelican and ended with a bone-in prime ribeye and wedge salad at Fleming’s. In between was pure yumminess all week long (and yes, great hospitality mixed in as well). The 100 Mile Dinner at Indigenous was a locavore’s dream. Thanks […]