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New Restaurant: Ziti in Westfield Southgate

Ziti. It calls itself Italian, American and Asian. And here comes the cynicism: I thought for sure the new restaurant that replaced Cosimo’s in Southgate Mall was going be a fusion mess. I envisioned stir-fry pasta and Asian lasagna. Well, shame on me for over-thinking what the restaurant was doing. Ziti is actually pulling it […]


Valentine’s Day Dining: Chef Judi’s Picks

By Judi Gallagher I know most of you are probably going out to dinner on February 14–but please take my suggestion and go the 13, 15 or 16. I personally have dinner plans to be at home, grilling out and enjoying fresh strawberries. For those of you who prefer a little romantic meal at home, […]


A New Owner and a Little More Style at Bellagio; Plus The Table Creekside’s Global Brunch

By Judi Gallagher We hadn’t been to Bellagio since the new owners came in, did some styling to make the window that faces 301 much better, and brought a little uptick to the menu. While the location might throw you off, think of this, as Nancy Kaplan suggested, as an Italian hideaway. Off 301, just […]