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February 2013

Valentine’s Day Dining: Chef Judi’s Picks

By Judi Gallagher I know most of you are probably going out to dinner on February 14–but please take my suggestion and go the 13, 15 or 16. I personally have dinner plans to be at home, grilling out and enjoying fresh strawberries. For those of you who prefer a little romantic meal at home, […]

December 2012

Artisan Cheese Company and As Good As It Gets

By Judi Gallagher As good as it gets? Well, Sarasota is getting there, it seems. Specialty stores have had a tough time during the recession years. We saw a few wines stores flounder; a cheese store went by the wayside on Tamiami and some spice stores have struggled to keep higher-end seasonings afloat. Walk downtown, […]