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The Most Wonderful Time of Year

Six ways I celebrated the season.   By Hannah Wallace   ONE: DECORATING MY HIBISCUS In order to aid my mother, the Christmas Nazi, in her takeover of northern Sarasota County and the world, I spent a profanity-filled evening trying to evenly distribute one string of lights on the branchless stems of the eight-foot hibiscus […]


Christmas on the Job

To all you Bob Cratchits out there, I feel your pain. By Hannah Wallace   This Dickensian sentiment no longer rings true, as I heartily enjoy my current employment situation (especially with all the chocolate in the office this time of year). But the Ghost of Christmas Past might find me huddled under cruel fluorescence, […]


One is the Loneliest Number

My friends’ New Years Eve nuptials have left me in a bit of a quandary.   By Hannah Wallace   Ok, here’s the story:   My pal (and hockey teammate) Corinne is getting married (to our hockey coach, incidentally) on December 31. I, of course, am overjoyed, good for them. Equally pleasing: This means I […]


Here I Go A-Wassailing

  You can put a dress on the girl, but you still can’t make the girl pose appropriately for pictures.   By Hannah Wallace Partying on: That’s copy editor Megan Mcdonald with her eyes closed; I’m the fashion-forward girl in the red skirt. As promised, I gussied myself up right good on Friday night for […]


Sugar and Spice and Everything Vice

Twenty women, 200 beers, seven hockey games, three goals, and one broken air mattress.   By Hannah Wallace   And now, as a two-year veteran, I’m happy to present The Rookie’s Guide to Women’s Amateur Travel Tournament Hockey (based, in no way whatsoever, on my experiences in Fort Myers this past weekend).   Welcome to […]


Girly Girl

  Despite abundant evidence to the contrary, I’m a pretty classy broad.   By Hannah Wallace   At midnight last night, sweaty and exhausted, I was wolfing down smothered hash browns at the Ellenton Waffle House when the goalie for my co-ed hockey team—a young man whose hysterically foul sense of humor would make R. […]