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An agnostic spiritual experience by Sarasota Bay finally inspires this week’s  entry.   By Hannah Wallace   This is my fourth attempt at writing this week’s blog. I’d give you a rundown of the other versions, but that was actually the topic of version No. 3: a rambling account of my futile attempts. Writing about […]


Withdrawing with Style

Theater is the opiate of the Hannah.   By Hannah Wallace   I think someone spiked my weekend—it was that good. And the theater played a major role.   Friday night, after sucking down a few Hotinis at the magazine’s “Hottest Husbands” party at Saks, pal Little J and I hurried across town and arrived […]


All the World’s a Pub

  My weekends start to stretch from Thursday through Monday.   By Hannah Wallace   Since discovering Shakespeare’s (the pub on Osprey, not the playwright) wondrous “Around the World Beer Club” in December, I’ve had trouble rousing the troops to join me there. But drinking every kind of beer in the place to join that […]


I’m in with the In Crowd

Or at least, I went where the in-crowd goes.   By Hannah Wallace   I know it comes as quite a shock, but when I attended Bayshore High School in the ‘90s, I was not among the well-dressed, ambitious, energetic, active-in-student-government Future Uber-Successful Business Leaders of the World (or whatever the hell). Those people were […]