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Playing Dirty

I’m getting a little tired of guys talking trash when they play hockey against women—and lose.   By Hannah Wallace     The mother of one of my teammates recently ran into a guy at work who mentioned playing hockey. “My daughter plays hockey in Ellenton,” said Dallas’s mom. “She’s on the Ms. Conduct.”   […]


Shock Therapy

Of local law enforcement and the UF taser incident.   By Hannah Wallace   I’ve been putting together a massive story about drinking and driving (be sure to look for it in our November issue), and I was planning on writing a blog highlighting some of the experiences I had while researching DUIs that didn’t […]


UnParty Like a Rock Star

Hanging with the beautiful people at the kick-off party for Ungala.   By Hannah Wallace   My hockey leagues are getting into high gear this time of year, so you know what that means: Hannah has no money.   This is the time of year when mooching is a must.   So Paul Mattison’s invite […]


Paul Mattison to the Rescue

The Sarasota super-chef takes un-pity on me.   By Hannah Wallace   My typical afternoon doldrums took a decidedly untypical turn last Wednesday. A little after 5, when I was ready to give up on the day entirely, I got a call from Jennifer Ahearn-Koch, publicist for restaurateur extraordinaire (and one-time Sarasota bachelor of the millennium) […]