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Chrappy Christmas

Our holiday party was a success!   By Hannah Wallace     I hope everyone out there is having a fantastic holiday season thus far. Ours got a great kickoff with our Chrappy Christmas party Friday night. There was a fantastic turnout—about 25 people, predominantly hockey players, as well as other great friends. Lively conversation […]


Holiday Spirits

Celebrating the season with a cocktail class at the Ritz.   By Hannah Wallace   OK,  picture this: It’s about 75 degrees outside, and you’re sitting at an outdoor bar with a direct view of the sunset on Sarasota Bay, as two men scurry around behind the bar, explaining how to make eggnog and insisting […]


Variations on the Season

Embracing the many sides of Christmas.     By Hannah Wallace   Ok, I’ve about worn my fingers down to the knuckle trying to type Christmas blogs. There’s so much going on, and I love Christmas, and oh, the decisions to make!   Seems everyone around town has a Toys for Tots promotion—which is awesome, […]


The Christmas Newsletter

My mother’s holiday domination reaches new levels.   By Hannah Wallace   My mother has decided to send out a family newsletter with her Christmas cards this year. However, being the showbiz veteran that she is, she insists it not be the typical 100,000-word term paper on the history of the Wallaces. That means my […]