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Laugh It Up

Sushi, celebrities, frozen yogurt, McCurdy’s and more.   By Hannah Wallace     So check out how jam-packed with Sarasota-osity my Friday night was: Big J, Little J, CCB and I met up after work at Utamaro for some nori and unagi. For an added bit of flavor, we again saw AC/DC’s Brian Johnson getting […]


Championship Weekend

All that was missing from this weekend was the trophy.   By Hannah Wallace   Well, it’s a wonderfully stormy Monday morning—flooded 41 and violent firmament included. A great way to start the week, assuming the week has to start at all. And I suppose a weekend this good couldn’t last forever.   We had […]


Just Keep Swimming

No time to be negative—too many fun things going on.    By Hannah Wallace    Wow, Landlord Bob (a.k.a. Mr. Chatterbox, senior editor Bob Plunket, Bossman Bob) sure had a helluva turnout Friday night in honor of his “Decorating Can Be Murder” series. Home Resource was packed with the most interesting variety of prominent locals. […]


Back to the Grind

By Hannah Wallace   Whew, let me tell you something, after 10 days off with no real plan for occupying them, it’s almost a relief to be back at work. (Almost.) Not so much because I wanted something to do, but because the feeling that I had things to do and wasn’t doing them began […]