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My Way: The Hi-Way

Another questionable establishment wins my heart.   By Hannah Wallace   I love me a good dive bar. Like strip clubs and dirty jeans, there’s something comforting in seeming so casual and unsavory.   I’d love to have written the guide to the great dive bars of the area, a la Creative Loafing, who’ve already […]


Dating in Sarasota

Is this town a bad setting for the game of love?   By Hannah Wallace   I grew up in a pretty stable environment, relationship-wise: My parents have had a decades-long marriage, and I was stably without a boyfriend until…y’know, like last year.   So, like so many things about adulthood—those things I wanted to […]


Things Getting Going

Kicking off all kinds of seasons.   By Hannah Wallace   The Sarasota social season got started on Friday with the UnParty. Did anybody out there attend? I went courtesy of Mattison’s the last couple years, and would happily have paid to attend this year’s UnParty at Michael’s Wine Cellar, but I had a scheduling […]


Sept. 11

The stories we tell.   By Hannah Wallace   I wouldn’t consider a Sept. 11 post, but that there’s a neat 9/11 story from a Manhattanite writer that surfaces every year on her blog. “Neat” probably isn’t the ideal word, but a story well told, I think, whatever the appropriate adjective may be. Down-to-earth and […]


Four Crazy Days

Smorgasbord, naked ladies, Rock Band and heat exhaustion—good times.   By Hannah Wallace  The giant sausage at the Bucs game. Wow, what a weekend. I usually feel like I’m not taking enough advantage of weekends—especially the long ones—but I sure did my best with this one.   Thursday: Last day of the work week, and […]


Bullet Points

Abandon narrative structure; cohesion overboard!   By Hannah Wallace   First off, the MRI results didn’t reveal anything. Mild mild arthritis and softening of the cartilage, but nothing that seemed to be A) the cause of the problem, or B) fixable. I turn now to a brilliant doc who plays hockey with us to see […]