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Fight Night

We take a trip to a pro-boxing brawl.   By Hannah Wallace   Well, mark this down as a new experience: We went to a pro boxing match on Friday.   The “Ballroom Brawl” is a semi-regular event featuring professional boxers (usually from the west coast area and around the state) held in the ballroom […]


Vacation Days

Alrighty, still settling in to 2010. Just got my W-2, doing vacation-accrual math, scoping out the vast expanse of the new calendar. Allowing myself a big financial sigh of relief having survived the holidays (including three birthdays therein), as well as the peak of several hockey seasons, with a modest tax return on the horizon. […]


Grinding It Out

The wear and tear of a hockey weekend.   By Hannah Wallace   Another hockey tournament weekend. It’s funny how much my enthusiasm for hockey lets me gloss over its, shall we say, less glamorous aspects. A lot of it could be considered an inconvenience, and plenty of things are annoying—some even downright infuriating—and yet, […]


Holiday Madness

My vacation was packed with family, calories and (spectator) sports.   By Hannah Wallace   A week and a half without work and I’m only just now catching my breath. Here’s the itinerary:   Dec. 23, 6 p.m. Kick off the vacay at the SR 70 Gecko’s with CCB, Big J, Little J and high […]