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Committee ABC

  For the first time, I attended an official committee meeting for the Asolo Balcony Club last week. I’ve said before, I’ve had trouble getting involved in nonprofit volunteering—Sarasota’s official pastime. Not for a lack of passion, mind you, but a lack of ability. I’m neither an energetic networker nor a pit bull of a […]


Soccer Hopping

It’s 7:30 a.m. on a Friday vacation day, and I’m still up with my alarm and right to the TV as usual. Game one: Germany versus Serbia. CCB and I cook hot dogs for breakfast and settle in for the match.   Germany should be the favorites here; they had a killer 4-0 win over […]


In-Between Time

Sort of a weird, in-between week, this one. My life’s a bit like the weather right now: The heat’s not stifling me or anything, but I’m biding my time and looking forward to the rain.   In the meantime, Thermometer Spotting is my new favorite commuting game. There are two prominent temperature readouts I pass […]


Co-ed Naked Hockey

Cool thing happened in the hockey locker room a couple Sundays ago.   We’d just lost the first game of a new season (the previous season having ended the week before). The locker room was full of the same old teammates from season after season (after season), plus a handful of newbies. Shaking off Velcro […]