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Destination Southwest Fla.

“So where do you vacation if you grew up here?”   Cheetah Club Sister-in-Law (oh dear lord, I’m running out of strip club-themed nicknames) floated the question from their 12th-floor beachfront balcony at Lido Beach Resort. Did anybody else catch that sunset Saturday night? Spectacular.   Lido Beach Resort, 12th floor, July 24, 2010. The […]


The Trouble with Ruts

I had this thought on Saturday, though we’d actually been quite active through late morning and early afternoon, that summertime is our season of hibernation. It was like 2:30 p.m. I was sitting on the couch, too tired after mowing the lawn and bagging leaves to even reach for the remote, staring out at the […]


Five Days of Freedom

How do you spend five days off?   Disregard safety procedures. Actually, CCB and I had what we thought was a thorough discussion of the contingencies involved in lighting two mortar fireworks simultaneously in the same launching tube. But we missed one: If one wick doesn’t light, it’s possible for the top mortar’s propulsion blast […]