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The Full and Happy Life

Whew, what a weekend. Starting Thursday, my athletic schedule went kickball, hockey (practice), soccer, hockey (game), boxing. (Then add televised sports to that schedule: football, football, MMA, football, baseball, hockey, football, football.) And all this is still apparently not enough to combat the butter brickle ice cream left over from Kegtacular. I think I’m going […]


Business Class

I took an interesting side job last week. Karen Magee, a good friend and hockey teammate (and one half of the Wonderfuls who owned now-closed Jake’s Downtown), runs her own successful business consulting…business. I knew she worked a lot with start-ups, and I’ve stood in awe before at her grasp of business situations, but I […]


Fall Fantasy

CCB, Lombardi and me (in my Steve Young jersey). Still awaiting the subtle climate salve that is autumn in Sarasota, other things, I find, offer similar mental relief—none quite so much as football season.   In the process of organizing my thoughts for this blog, I realize I keep stumbling over things about fall that […]


God-Given Grits

Here’s the thing: I’m a little pissed about grits. It’s been slowly building for years now, but I’m finally there. What is it with grits in restaurants? Why do they suck?   I mean, crappy food at IHOP is one thing. But honest to god, we went to the restaurant in Charleston that’s famous for […]