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The Six Days of Halloween

FRIDAY!!! Oct. 29. Well, I survived. Even made it into work (relatively) on time this morning. Unlike SOME people (CCB, ahem). Had a blast at the ABC event–danced and everything. I think you’ll find that lowered inhibitions and a giant fruit suit go hand-in-hand.   Monkey and Banana: Like Bonnie and Clyde, only fruitier.   […]


Status Updates

  Listening to: Broken Bells, Eminem Recovery   Reading: Olive Kitteridge, ESPN the Magazine’s “Body Issue,” my new Time subscription.   Watching: House, Ultimate Fighter, Man v. Food, Chopped, Friday Night Lights season four (DVD), Dexter season four (DVD).   Writing: St. Armands Magazine restaurant wrap-up; December On the Beach visitor’s guide listings; a Karen […]


The Schedule Speed Wobble

Remember a couple weeks ago when I wondered at the fine line between satisfying all obligations and over-committing yourself? And how good it feels to have health, professional, social, civic and intellectual bases covered?   Yeah, I think I may have crossed that line.   That stretch a couple weeks ago, everything seemed to fall […]


October Ball

I had a whole diatribe written out about Evan Longoria: In case you missed it, the Ray’s third baseman bemoaned their low attendance in a tone that many fans (myself included) found…off-putting—especially considering Longo didn’t even play in the game in question, which was on a damn Monday night, and which they lost, anyway. There’s […]