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Food, Glorious Food

In the wake of Thanksgiving, my appetite will be today’s guest blogger.   I just had a big bowl of stuffing, mashed potatoes, turkey and green beans, topped with gravy for lunch. Tonight’s going to be turkey sandwich on wheat, with mayo, Romaine and provolone (though this is also tempting—you can’t go wrong with cream […]


We Gather Together

Our Thanksgiving menu: Deep-fried turkey with sage and garlic, CCB’s beef-bouillon-reduced green beans, mashed potatoes with an undisclosed amount of butter and cream cheese, these Brussels sprouts, Ma’s sweet potato casserole (which is actually a recipe Thing 2 got 30-odd years ago from an elementary school cafeteria worker), Dad’s stuffing (with and without liver), a […]


My Happy Place

Friday evening, Mrs. Harrible and I stacked our 40 lb. bags in the way back of the Big Red Wattle Wagon, stuck our sticks along the doors, stuck CCB in the passenger seat, picked up Lefty and fetus in Gibsonton and headed toward Kissimmee for our second FWHL tournament of the season. And as the […]


The Christmas List

So, yes, my last post is filled with jack-o-lanterns and I don’t even know who’s coming over for Thanksgiving yet, but darn it, there are firs in the garden centers and eggnog in the dairy case, we’re finishing up our December issues and my immediate family has already exchanged our traditional Christmas lists. We’re just […]


Forward to Fall

As I feared, two days later, and Halloween is a distant, freakish memory, immediately jarring against our preparations for cozy, hearty Thanksgiving. (Thanksgiving, on the other hand, is something you can linger on, because it flows so nicely into the warm fuzzies of the December holidays.) Still, I’m going to give one last nod to […]