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The Week That Was

Sorry for the blog hiatus. I shifted to a new Friday-posting schedule and promptly took a vacation day last Friday. But I’m back now. (That was going to turn into an Eminem quote, but man, there’s just no way to do that without sounding like a jackass.)   So much stuff going on, I waited […]


The Sleep Study

Headed up the road to Somnomedics on Manatee Avenue at a little after 8 p.m., Thursday night. They tell you not to arrive early because, basically, nobody would be there before 8:15. I rang the doorbell and a woman who looked about my age, wearing blue scrubs, came out from an office and asked me […]


Check Up

It took me a while—basically, ever since my 30-something health panic set in—but I finally found a primary care physician and entered into the process of checking out every mole and hiccup that’s sent me into conniptions at various points over the last two years.   I found Cooper Family Medical, in case you’re wondering, […]