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Chicks with Kicks

[Edited July 1 to add: I’m off on grand adventures (read: mowing the lawn) while our office is closed July 4-8; in the meantime, check out my latest entry in our Off-Season Survival Guide.] God bless the women’s World Cup—just the thing to spice up this stretch of spectator sport desert between the Stanley Cup Finals […]


A Welcome Change of Pace

Big J sidled up to me on the treadmills at Uppercut on Monday, and we discussed our weekends while warming up (so to speak). “I dunno,” he sighed. “I just haven’t felt like doing much lately.” “Dude,” I said. “It’s the heat.” And then we proceeded to swing a sledgehammer in the steamy parking lot […]


Still Savoring

Two weeks ago we kicked off Savor Sarasota with a fantastic media tasting at Libby’s. Tuesday night could’ve been the capper, since our much beloved restaurant “week” officially ended on the 14th. But as of this writing, two-thirds of the participating restaurants have officially extended their three-course prix-fixe deals through to the end of June […]


Life’s Stages

Ok, I really think I’m still having a crisis about turning 30, y’all. And that’s something, ‘cause I’m about to turn 32, so, y’know, ‘bout time to get over it. I had a dream the other night that took me through, as I told Web Editor Megan, all the stages of childbirth, “from labor to […]


The Savor Sarasota Dilemma

Good ol’ Savor Sarasota. Nothing like a “limited-time offer” to inspire you to go out and do the things you should have been doing anyway. I think I always feel obligated to check out those local restaurants I’ve yet to check out, but Savor Sarasota puts a list right in front of me and says, […]