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Family Re-food-ion?

Start Thursday around noon, a barbecue joint: Jim ‘n Nick’s bustling Birmingham location for lunch with CCB’s oldest brother and a couple of former co-workers from the IT caves of Alabama military bases. I damn near succumb to the creamy, peppery cheddar-ness of a pimento cheese hamburger, but opt instead for the pulled pork plate, […]


Fresh Off the Still

Siesta Key’s gold and silver rums. Coming very soon: a spiced variety. Some days, my job ain’t so bad. Like, for instance, last Thursday. I had to interview Troy Roberts for a Biz(941) story—just a little interview, easy enough to do over the phone. Except Troy is the founder/owner/operator/chief dishwasher at Drum Circle Distilling—makers of […]


Sports Heaven

I told you! I TOLD YOU! Sunday’s much-anticipated quarterfinal World Cup match, U.S. versus Brazil, was epic, as the kids—and now, professional journalists—say. It had everything—highs, lows, heroes, villains, early scores, ridiculous calls, unconscionable time-wasting and, best of all, a literal last-minute, shorthanded comeback. Wow. I tried to write a slightly more detailed rundown than […]