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Meetings and Greetings

Y’know that Heineken commercial with the cool song where the skinny guy in the tux walks into a party and greets all these interesting people doing interesting things? I kinda felt like that last weekend—and as a band nerd/English major with questionable social skills, I gotta tell ya, it was pretty freaking cool. It started […]


A Night in the Life

First of all, someone has hijacked my car’s radio, because OH MY GOD: Katy Perry, Adele, Pitbull, Katy Perry, Adele, Pitbull. When you find yourself longing to rock out to some Ke$ha, you’re in sad, sad shape. (Never mind that I had Kid A in my CD player; the drive home from work demands mindless […]


This is Me Now

So, say you’re an archeologist from a thousand years in the future, and you came across this collection of things, laid out as an obvious tribute to a single person: Recipe box Long brown skirt Quiche, croissant and coffee (breakfast delivery) Purse White noise machine Shower clock Peanut butter cookies Maker’s Mark Homemade white pizza […]


Letting the Days Go By

You’d think I’d be better prepared, but my birthday sneaks up on me more as an adult. Which I thought was a good thing—no more agonizing for the weeks and months waiting for it. Now it’s more like, “Oh, sweet, presents this weekend.” But then I think about whether or not I’ve checked off enough […]