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The Little Things

Been a rough couple of weeks trying to hammer out a (massive, complicated, touchy-subject) feature. Spent a lot of time playing that weary, disheveled role, like in college when you take pride in the fact that you haven’t slept all night, haven’t been out of your pajamas all day, haven’t showered since Tuesday, everything’s all […]


A Thousand Words

Ok, apologies, but I’m up to my ears in a rather involved story right now, so devoting an hour or so to a blog would, let’s face it, just make me cry. So in lieu of anything literary, here’s a series of photos from my life of late. I think they say a lot of […]


Back to School

So much stuff going on, getting started, coming together, looking back—feels like the beginning of the school year: changing classes and jumping topics, sports practices and season schedules, everyone reminiscing and summarizing the summer. And I’ve got a paper due already. The class schedule is hectic and whiplash inducing. Here I am, hunkered down into […]


One Week

Took Ma and Pa to a Marauders game last Thursday. Walked through our neighborhood, there and back, and ate hot dogs and popcorn. Not sure why, in all our casual dinners together, it never occurred to me to schedule a McKechnie family outing, but I’m sure we’ll be doing it again.   Ma and Pa […]