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The Little Things

Been a rough couple of weeks trying to hammer out a (massive, complicated, touchy-subject) feature. Spent a lot of time playing that weary, disheveled role, like in college when you take pride in the fact that you haven’t slept all night, haven’t been out of your pajamas all day, haven’t showered since Tuesday, everything’s all […]


A Thousand Words

Ok, apologies, but I’m up to my ears in a rather involved story right now, so devoting an hour or so to a blog would, let’s face it, just make me cry. So in lieu of anything literary, here’s a series of photos from my life of late. I think they say a lot of […]


Back to School

So much stuff going on, getting started, coming together, looking back—feels like the beginning of the school year: changing classes and jumping topics, sports practices and season schedules, everyone reminiscing and summarizing the summer. And I’ve got a paper due already. The class schedule is hectic and whiplash inducing. Here I am, hunkered down into […]


One Week

Took Ma and Pa to a Marauders game last Thursday. Walked through our neighborhood, there and back, and ate hot dogs and popcorn. Not sure why, in all our casual dinners together, it never occurred to me to schedule a McKechnie family outing, but I’m sure we’ll be doing it again.   Ma and Pa […]


Meetings and Greetings

Y’know that Heineken commercial with the cool song where the skinny guy in the tux walks into a party and greets all these interesting people doing interesting things? I kinda felt like that last weekend—and as a band nerd/English major with questionable social skills, I gotta tell ya, it was pretty freaking cool. It started […]


A Night in the Life

First of all, someone has hijacked my car’s radio, because OH MY GOD: Katy Perry, Adele, Pitbull, Katy Perry, Adele, Pitbull. When you find yourself longing to rock out to some Ke$ha, you’re in sad, sad shape. (Never mind that I had Kid A in my CD player; the drive home from work demands mindless […]


This is Me Now

So, say you’re an archeologist from a thousand years in the future, and you came across this collection of things, laid out as an obvious tribute to a single person: Recipe box Long brown skirt Quiche, croissant and coffee (breakfast delivery) Purse White noise machine Shower clock Peanut butter cookies Maker’s Mark Homemade white pizza […]


Letting the Days Go By

You’d think I’d be better prepared, but my birthday sneaks up on me more as an adult. Which I thought was a good thing—no more agonizing for the weeks and months waiting for it. Now it’s more like, “Oh, sweet, presents this weekend.” But then I think about whether or not I’ve checked off enough […]


Family Re-food-ion?

Start Thursday around noon, a barbecue joint: Jim ‘n Nick’s bustling Birmingham location for lunch with CCB’s oldest brother and a couple of former co-workers from the IT caves of Alabama military bases. I damn near succumb to the creamy, peppery cheddar-ness of a pimento cheese hamburger, but opt instead for the pulled pork plate, […]


Fresh Off the Still

Siesta Key’s gold and silver rums. Coming very soon: a spiced variety. Some days, my job ain’t so bad. Like, for instance, last Thursday. I had to interview Troy Roberts for a Biz(941) story—just a little interview, easy enough to do over the phone. Except Troy is the founder/owner/operator/chief dishwasher at Drum Circle Distilling—makers of […]