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The Big Pigskin Day

The Super Bowl to me is something like Halloween—seems like it should be a huge event with themed food and costumes and decorations, but for a long while I never felt like I could get anyone to play along.   Partying with the Lombardi.    As a kid, I wanted the Super Bowl to be […]


Krav Maga

It still feels like I’m struggling to get back into an exercise routine after the sloth of the holidays. So even though I felt a post-hockey-tournament cold coming on, I dragged myself out to a Saturday morning soccer practice a couple of weekends ago. (Well, the practice started at 12:30 p.m., but I still keep […]


Alternative Workouts

My hyper-competitive self gets down when other people talk about their dedication to the gym—so many sets of so many reps with this much weight targeting that part of the body, then a set amount of time on cardio machine of your choice. Sure, I like to think I’m in decent shape, but I’m not […]


Happy Weird Year

So far, 2012: not impressed.   But, our New Year’s Linger Lodge excursion was still promising. First off, I’m actually kind of glad ESPN was on the fritz in the Harrible’s trailer cabin (not sure how you can get E! and not ESPN, but c’est la cable). So with no “campsite” access to the Auburn […]