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How Do You Stay Motivated When it Comes to Exercise?

By Hannah Wallace A doctor once told me, “Exercise. If you don’t have energy? Exercise without energy. If you don’t have motivation? Exercise without motivation.” This time of year especially, it’s easy to find excuses not to exercise. Advice for accomplishing things often centers on goal-setting—a target weight, a distance to run or a time […]


Electro Shock

Here’s something I did not know: Electroshock therapy is still very much in use. And it works. Really, “electroconvulsive therapy,” or ECT, is how to describe it; “electroshock” summons bad enough images on its own—never mind how it calls to mind One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. I was over at Comprehensive MedPsych Systems the […]


What You Eat

By Hannah Wallace Some more notes on nutrition. When I asked Orioles’ all-star pitcher Jim Johnson for his No. 1 piece of fitness advice, he told me, “I think that nutrition and your diet is as important as anything. It’s important to have a good breakfast to maintain your energy throughout the day. Eating healthy […]