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An Expert Weighs In: Get Your Flu Shot (Really)

No, seriously: do it. It’s amazing to me that the murmurs arise every year: “Are you going to get a flu shot? I’m not sure if I should. They say it can’t give you the flu, but my [friend/sister/waiter/cab driver] told me they got the flu from it and now they’ll never get one again.” […]


Calorie Burner: The Hockey Workout

By Hannah Wallace I’ll be enjoying one of my favorite kinds of fitness—ice hockey—in Ellenton this weekend, as our women’s team, the Gulfcoast Ms Conduct, hosts a tournament for the Florida Women’s Hockey League at Ellenton Ice and Sports Complex. Here’s a breakdown of the weekend-long workout. Time factor: We’ll play four games between Friday […]


A Trip to Bradenton’s Uniquely You Mastectomy Boutique

A little while ago, I visited Uniquely You, a new “mastectomy boutique” in east Bradenton. You can read overview of their endeavor in our December Health Report. I had trouble imagining the details involved in a mastectomy boutique—I had only the vaguest notion of breast prostheses and…well, that’s pretty much it. Of course, there’s so […]