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July 2013

A Food You Should Eat (And One You Should Avoid)

Say yes to yolks; say no to dark soda.

Just standing up every 20 minutes can make a big difference in your long-term health.
June 2013

How Bad is Sitting at Your Desk All Day? The Answer May Surprise You.

My parents and me.
May 2013

A Personal Education in Parkinson’s

    My father, who’s now 73, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease a few years ago. As is their wont, my parents have embraced the challenge with outward cheerfulness and optimism. Since I didn’t know much about Parkinson’s at the time, but I do know my parents fairly well, their sudden, pronounced optimism was one […]

May 2013

An Introduction to the Human Microbiome

  “The human microbiome is the body organ you didn’t know you had,” says Dr. Eva Berkes, co-founder of Sarasota’s Quorum Innovations at the Hawthorne Clinic and Research Center. “It basically calls for a re-examination of human physiology and disease.”   Basically, she explains, your body has about 10 trillion cells. But on top of […]

April 2013

Some Points About Acupuncture

Pain? Weight loss? Quitting smoking? As it has become more mainstream, acupuncture is used to treat an ever-increasing list of ailments. Including: aging faces. I visited Christina Captain’s Family Healing Center for a demonstration of “cosmetic acupuncture” techniques—as well as an overview of acupuncture in general. Though I’ve encountered several people who swear up and […]

The standard nasal CPAP headgear.
March 2013

Sleep Apnea

  I’ve always snored like a mofo. As a kid, I was tormented by fellow campers and sisters alike, who would wake me up to complain about the snoring when it seemed to me I hadn’t even fallen asleep yet. (My college roommate was deaf in one ear; small blessings.) And there’s a famous story […]

February 2013

The Institute for the Ages

By Hannah Wallace Last week, I got to work on a piece about Sarasota’s Institute for the Ages, which is hosting its annual Winter Forum this Friday—“Technology & Connections in Positive Aging.” I admit, going into it, I was a little confused about the essence of the organization. CEO Tom Esselman broke it down into […]

February 2013

A Q&A with Lisa Niemi Swayze

By Hannah Wallace During Patrick Swayze’s two-year battle with pancreatic cancer, his wife of 34 years, Lisa Niemi Swayze, served as his caregiver. After Patrick passed away in 2009, she became a public face for dealing with terminal illness and the loss of a loved one, and an advocate for pancreatic cancer awareness. Her new […]

February 2013

This Just In: Keep Cramming Potassium

The World Health Organization just released new recommendations for the consumption of sodium and potassium—two nutrients that factor heavily into your blood pressure. Potassium is the goodie: You’re now to consume at least 3,510 mg of potassium a day. (I really enjoy the specificity of that number—if you’ve only had 3,500, grab another banana.) Actually, […]

January 2013

An Expert Weighs In: Get Your Flu Shot (Really)

No, seriously: do it. It’s amazing to me that the murmurs arise every year: “Are you going to get a flu shot? I’m not sure if I should. They say it can’t give you the flu, but my [friend/sister/waiter/cab driver] told me they got the flu from it and now they’ll never get one again.” […]