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Past Articles

healthchart A Graph of Your Health - A Sarasota-based analyst creates a new way for doctors to view medical information.
Dr  Ruth Westheimer by Marianne Rafter Dr. Ruth Talks to Sarasota - The renowned psychosexual therapist gives us an overview of the current state of sexuality.
The clostridium-difficile bacteria can be deadly. Volunteers Needed for Medical Study - Sarasota is participating in a study of a new vaccine for C. diff, a dangerous hospital-acquired superbug.
hypnosis-meditation-brain-1-300x170 What Causes Falls? - “A fall” is a familiar cause of injuries suffered by the elderly—but what caused the fall?
Lasting Looks, a satellite office for Center for Building Hope, strives for a soothing environment. Lasting Looks for Breast Cancer Survivors - Aesthetic oncology services help in the recovery process for breast cancer survivors.