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Theater Review: FST’s “Talley’s Folly”

Dominic Comperatore and Maren Bush in Florida Studio Theatre’s Talley’s Folly. To the couple involved in any love story, theirs is a special and unique romance. But it takes a writer to tell their story in a way guaranteed to make it as unique and special to everyone else hearing it.   That’s what playwright […]


Theater Review: The Piano Teacher

Christopher Swan, Donna Gerdes and Megan DeLay in Banyan Theater Company’s The Piano Teacher. When the curtain rises on Julia Cho’s The Piano Teacher (now playing at the Cook Theatre in a Banyan Theater Company production), the audience is at first lulled into a sense of old-fashioned coziness, as the elderly woman at center stage […]


Theater Review: All Shook Up

Nikki White and Logan O’Neill in All Shook Up. Photo by Don Walker. There could conceivably be thousands of ways to weave the songs of Elvis Presley into a stage musical, but the one playwright Joe DiPietro devised for All Shook Up is a particularly successful one—fun both to watch and to hear. DiPietro took […]