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Rethinking St. Armands.

Two houses on Washington Drive give me a whole new take on this popular key. By Robert Plunket After what I saw yesterday I’m rethinking my whole attitude toward St Armands. Before, I always saw it as a little too traffic-clogged and full of tourists to actually live in. But now I see it in […]


Who Says There’s No Affordable Housing?

  Take it from me—it’s here, if you just get out and look.   By Robert Plunket   I’m sick and tired of all these whiners complaining about how Sarasota has no affordable housing. Who wants to live in a town that has affordable housing? That’s for places like Minsk. Sarasota’s greatest virtue, its mystique, […]


These Old Houses

Three grande dames  in Whitfield.   By Robert Plunket               If you like great old houses, you’re probably already familiar with Whitfield. It has some of the best in town. Yesterday I took a look at three currently on the market.             7714 Westmoreland is a big 2,500-square-foot 1950s extravaganza, a sort […]


Sophisticated Lady

By Robert Plunket This West of the Trail beauty is brand-new—and thank God, it isn’t Spanish Med.     Guess what? My blog’s a hit! So many people have “logged on” that it overloaded our system and we had to turn on the back-up generators. And now I’ve been given the go-ahead to sell advertising, […]