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Auction Aftermath

The bids are in, and here’s how my favorites fared.   By Robert Plunket   Well, the SKY-Sotheby big real estate auction is over, so let’s see how we did. We were tracking five different properties, large and small. Did they sell? Did they sell good?                                                       As predicted, the enormous bayfront […]


Bottom Feeding

Scouting out potential bargains at Sky Sotheby’s upcoming auction.     By Robert Plunket   Well, the auction is nearly here, and I’m getting nervous. It looks like the bottom feeders have arrived. That little army of people that used to drive around looking for something to buy, anything at any price, has now transmogrified […]


Going Once

SKY Sotheby tests the real estate waters with a major auction.   By Robert Plunket   Well, the big real estate auction is nearly upon us and everybody is getting psyched. It’s like we’re waiting for the jury’s verdict. Have we hit the bottom? Or will it go lower in the months to come?   […]