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Homes of Their Own

We’ve all heard of Habitat for Humanity, but what are the houses like? What do they cost? Am I eligible? Do I want to volunteer? And where’s their thrift shop? Click here to see our Real Estate Junkie discuss Habitat for Humanity on TV.  First of all, in keeping with the organization’s philosophy of building simple, low-cost […]


Terrific Terra Ceia

There’s still a trace of Old Florida in this island town. By Robert Plunket Click here to see our Real Estate Junkie on TV discussing terrific Terra Ceia.  Old rural Florida is getting harder and harder to find, but there is still a beautiful piece of it up in Terra Ceia. Located just north of Palmetto and […]


Road Trip!

Sarasota has a lot in common with Charleston—but our real estate is totally different.   By Robert Plunket Click here to see our Real Estate Junkie talk Charleston on TV.   If you like old houses, the one place in the United States you must visit is Charleston, South Carolina. It has the best collection […]


A Winning Trio

Let’s  look at three good picks on the Sarasota real estate market right now.   By Robert Plunket   Click here to watch our Real Estate Junkie on TV.  This week I have no particular theme in mind – just three houses I’ve seen in the past month or so that I really like. And […]


My Bad

If I hadn’t pushed Florida real estate so hard, we wouldn’t be in this mess.   By Robert Plunket Click here to watch our Real Estate Junkie discuss his role in the economy.   I’m surprised that in all the attempts to place the blame for the world economic collapse, no one is pointing the […]