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Heavenly Harbor Acres

The best neighborhood in Sarasota? That’s a tricky thing to actually put in writing, but I do know that Harbor Acres would be in the top two or three on anybody’s list. It’s got everything—perfect location, beautiful setting, gorgeous yet individualistic homes, and a population that includes the richest, most socially prominent people in town. […]


A Piece of Old Sarasota

Today’s house is unique—it’s like a perfect storm, a collision of history, charm, location and affordability.   637 40th St.   653 40th St. Actually, it’s two houses: the Hegener estate. The slightly larger house has three bedrooms, one bath, and 1,942 square feet. Next door on a contiguous lot—nobody’s quite sure where the property […]


The Scoop on Downtown Living

I love apartment buildings. I’m from Manhattan, where what building you lived in was an indication of your status—and income. Some were legendary—the Dakota, 820 Fifth, 740 Park—while others were pretty anonymous. But after a while you learned the nuances of just about every building in town   It’s the same with Sarasota. For our […]


Island Style

In our brand-new issue—October—you’ll see a couple of beautiful homes on Anna Maria island designed by famed architect Gene Aubry (he designed the library in downtown Sarasota.) Well, one of them just came on the market. In fact, it’s Gene’s own home. So let’s take a closer look at it.   408-410 Spring Ave. It’s […]


SoHo in Sarasota

  Yes, Sarasota has its own SoHo, with artists’ lofts, hip shops and restaurants, design studios and high-tech businesses. It’s not terribly big, but that just makes it nicer. It’s all within a few blocks, and has a neighborhood, walk-anywhere feeling. It’s called the Rosemary District.   It has a great location, just north of […]


Three Fab ’50s Homes

  In our October issue we’re featuring three great 1950s homes currently on the market, so I thought I’d give you a sneak preview. Houses from this era are all the rage among young couples and boomers both. They either remodel them—easy to do because of their solid construction and livable floor plans—or, even better, […]


The Palmer House

    Well, I’m back. Yes, it’s been five months. It seems I was a walking time bomb and needed open-heart surgery. To all those of you who sent e-mails and cards, thank you. It was tough (you can read all about it in the September issue of Sarasota Magazine), and many times I was […]


Artful Living on Siesta Key

Today’s homes show us why Siesta Key has appealed so strongly to artists over the years. One is artistic in spirit; the other speaks directly to the key’s heritage as an artist’s colony and nest of creativity. 324 Siesta Drive   Let’s start with the larger of the two. It’s located on the very upscale […]


Great Sarasota Home Tours

Click here to see our Real Estate Junkie discuss these tours on ABC7. This is the time of year when Sarasota goes all out with its various home tours. That means you – for a very nominal fee that goes to charity – can become what is known as a “lookie-loo” – snooping around somebody’s […]


Test of Time

  Plymouth Harbor may the most recognizable building in Sarasota. At 25 stories, it certainly is the tallest. But it has also earned a place in the city’s history. It’s our most prestigious retirement residence, and always has been since it was built in 1966. Legends are attached to it – the crazy billionaire conservative […]