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Sarasota Real Estate: Palmetto Condos

The place to look for luxury condo bargains these days is . . . Palmetto? Yes, thanks to the lingering recession and various bankruptcies, there are several complexes on the Manatee River up to the North that are amenity-rich and elegant, most with water views and priced as low as $199,000. Let’s take a quick […]


Sarasota Real Estate: 22 Seagull Lane

I hate to break it to you, Cindy Tibbetts: The truth is Lucille Ball never lived on the “site” of this house you’re selling on Bird Key. That’s the oldest, most disproven rumor in Sarasota. Nevertheless, there is it—as the headline of the advertising campaign, complete with a mini-movie, that is so over-the-top that I […]