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Sarasota Real Estate: 3001 Goldenrod St.

Here’s the chance of a lifetime. Now you can actually live in a Real Estate Junkie house. Yes, a house I used to own has come on the market and I can personally attest to the fact that it’s a great place to live, at least since they remodeled it and got rid of the […]


Sarasota Real Estate: Taylor House

There’s a great little Paul Rudolph house on the market down in Venice. Whoops, it’s just been sold. No, wait—they need backup offers. Let’s just pray the deal falls through, because this one has an awful lot going for it, particularly location and price. It’s set on Venice Island, just a couple of blocks from […]


Sarasota Real Estate: Siesta Supersize

This enormous penthouse is the largest apartment on Siesta Key—a whopping 4,590 square feet—but what we love is the atmosphere of “Pillow Talk” glamour that pervades the place. This would be a fun property to renovate and update. Any decorator in town would kill to get his or her hands on this place. Just look […]