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Summer Ball

Baseball in our area has always been about spring—long, sunny afternoons at McKechnie or Ed Smith that combine the thrill of big league names with the simplicity of the pre-season. I considered myself a veritable James Dean every time my grandma helped me ditch school to spoil me with peanuts, lemonade and hot dogs in […]


Blowout Sail

Whether you sincerely want your children to have a fun, social and educational summer experience…or you just want to get rid of them for a bit while school’s out, summer camp is all part of the season. So how do you make the quintessential Sarasota summer camp? Why, put the kiddos on the water, of […]


Hot Hideaways

Man, the weather this past week has been exactly the kind of thing you need to survive in the Sarasota off-season. I, along with my Survival Guide compatriots, have been touting a lot of outdoor activities in the summer time, but sometimes the fun of summer is…getting away from it. I admit it feels a […]


Adventures in Paddleboarding

Paddleboarders at sunset. Photo courtesy of Sarasota Paddleboard Company. My weekday morning routine usually goes something like this: Wake up. Hit snooze button on alarm clock. Stumble out of bed and over to the tea kettle. Heat water for tea while in the shower. Get out of shower, put on clothes. Make tea. Scarf down […]


The Great Island Burger War

August sure came out of nowhere, didn’t it? It seems like just last week I was writing about settling down after all the travel, looking forward to lazy hours of reading, hammocks, kayaks and golf. Now August is here, hurricanes are announcing the beginning of summer’s end, we’re diving into preparations for our October issue, […]


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