Parties, pet-sitting and Pa’s new play make this a busy week.
By Hannah Wallace
Of course, the week that I’m house- and dog-sitting for the Harribles—in damn Ellenton—would coincide with a number of things requiring me to be in Sarasota (not the least of which is work—as I discovered this morning, just because it’s not tourist season doesn’t mean that commute won’t take 45 minutes).
I had hockey on Father’s Day—Pa was in rehearsal, anyway, and Ma was out of town (staying with Polly Holiday in Manhattan—how cool is that?)—so the fam’s getting together at Selva Grill tonight. The Harrible pooches will have to stay put until later this evening; ceviche calls.
Speaking of his rehearsals, Dad’s opening the Banyan’s A Doll’s House on Thursday. Been quite some time since he last trod the boards, so this will be a real treat—even if it means driving up to Ellenton after work to let the dogs out, then back here for Ibsen, then back up to Ellenton for the night. (Unless, of course, I can convince Cheetah Club Boyfriend to swing by and walk the doggies on his way down. Whaddya think, CCB?)
But before that there’s the Biz941 People to Watch party at G.WIZ Wednesday. Mag’s had some good parties lately—and this should be no exception—but it’s especially nice that our events let me experience a variety of locations. Christmas at Beau Ciel, theater awards at FST, lunches and lectures at the Ritz and Van Wezel—sometimes it hardly seems fair that I can virtually sleepwalk my way into so many grand Sarasota landmarks.
Aside from a couple of drop-ins over the last few years, I regrettably haven’t spent much time at all in G.WIZ. I have fond memories of afternoons in that building when it was the Selby Library—my sisters being old enough to frequent the literature upstairs (which may only have been the young adult books, but it seemed so very grown up to me); I spent my days in the colorful children’s section, which still springs to mind whenever someone mentions Ferdinand the Bull.
And perhaps more so than any other locale that’s evolved drastically since my childhood, I don’t mind that the old library’s interior is gone forever. The hands-on science museum seems to have perfectly preserved the spirit of the place. And in between dragging my ass all over two counties this week, it’ll be nice to sit in that building again and smell the flowers.