Theater, sports, festivals, pizza—and I've sampled almost all of Shakespeare’s beers.
By Hannah Wallace
I have an assortment of topics to include in this week’s blog, and rather than trying to work them into a single, rambling essay, I’m resorting, yet again, to bullet points.
[] Used my many privileges to get a chair (not an actual seat, heh) to Asolo’s Tale of Two Cities finally. Such an interesting directorial decision on the part of Michael Edwards to accompany that second-act dialogue with the un-Dickensian cell phone ringing. Oh, you mean that wasn’t on purpose? It fit so nicely into the show—the audience quickly began calling for heads.
[] Played a couple of hockey scrimmages in Orlando last weekend. Broke my stick. Aaaand my skate. In a single game. Yay! Hockey is expensive!
[] CCB, Little J, high-school pal Bek and I had another great evening at Flying Dog last week. I didn’t predict that Bartender Mark would zero in on Little J’s deliberate, articulate smartass style of speaking—but boy, did he. Never has a request for root beer been met with such hilarious contempt.

[] At our booth at the Reading Festival, a couple approached me with a camera. I reached out for it, agreeing to take their picture before they had a chance to say anything. Turns out, they just wanted a picture of my Hannah-designed “Perspicacity for fun party tricks” t-shirt. Reading festivals are awesome.


KEEN SHIRT: Attire with vocabulary words is always well received at the Reading Festival.

[] I’m at 75 of 80 Shakespeare’s beers, and only five tasty drafts left to go—huzzah! Consulting absolutely no one, I’ve arbitrarily decided to complete my journey (Guinness will be last, of course) on Saturday, Dec. 1; and anyone and everyone is welcome to join me. (Really. I have like three friends.) In the meantime I’ll be looking for an appropriate line from Falstaff or Sir Toby Belch to mark the occasion.
[] For anyone looking for a good New York-style pizza, my father has been doing the same for some time now; and as of Tuesday, Patellini’s is in the lead. CCB and I had a great dinner there with the ‘rents on Monday, followed up by a stroll down lively Main Street for gelato at Jolly. (Oh, and Dad says Patellini’s pie is even more New York-ish when it’s reheated in the oven.)
[] It's been a hectic week, but I can finally see the light at the end of the January-issue tunnel, and the fall weather has arrived with gusto, so I’ve got to wrap this up now, hop in a car with CCB, Little J and Copy Editor Megan and head out to Salty Dog for a waterfront sunset with fries on the side. Yup, things could be a lot worse.